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Big Buddha Tour Phuket

experience the island and culture of Phuket in a small group of max. 10 people

Wat Chalong – Buddhist temple on Phuket

Wat, translated into English: Temple. The temple in the district Chalong is the biggest and most important temple on Phuket and belongs like the Big Buddha also to the obligatory destinations of every tourist on Phuket. Thus we would then already be at the second station of our tour. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet and have a look at the temple, as most of the tour busses do not arrive before 10 am.

The visit of the spacious temple usually starts with an offering for the venerated monks. For the equivalent of 0,50€ there is a small building between the main temple and the big chedie, where you can get flowers as well as a bundle of incense and a candle for the offering.

How exactly the voluntary offering is done, we will of course explain to you on site and only if you want to.

The offerings can be made free of other religions or views, but should come from the heart.

The big Chedie of Wat Chalong – worth seeing up to the roof

Our tour through the temple “Wat Chalong” also includes the guided tour through the big chedie and the ascent to the top floor from where you can enjoy the view over the temple complex.


Sightseeing makes you hungry and therefore we have a traditional breakfast. At the delicious Dim Sum we offer you a selection of delicious dishes, which are typical for the country and very tasty.


Other attractions include a beautiful viewpoint from which you can admire the west coast of the island and have an overview of 3 bays. We will also stop at one of the most beautiful beaches and cool down, as it gets really warm with time.

Why go on tour with the coconut?

– the tour includes all important sightseeings

– we have been living on Phuket for over 17 years and know our way around

– early in the morning, you can enjoy the silence and have the Big Buddha almost all to yourself

– safe driving service. If you had an insight into Phuket’s traffic, you should consider driving long distances alone. Better safe, than sorry!

– Breakfast – Dim Sum included – as well as dinner (buffet excl. drinks) in the coconut Kamala

What to consider when visiting a temple in Thailand

In Wat Chalong one is used to the visit of local and foreign tourists. Nevertheless it is considered as a holy and religious place. So that we don’t attract unpleasant attention there are a few things to be considered:

1. discreet clothing

Miniskirts and tops with spaghetti straps are not ok. Neither is topless for men.

Legs covered and not shoulderless.

2. take off shoes

Even in many small shops or in Thai households one takes off the shoes. This is also true for the Buddhist temples.

3. do not step on the threshold

This may sound strange but don’t step on the threshold. The house ghosts live on the threshold and by stepping on the threshold you are stepping on the ghosts’ heads, which brings bad luck…

4. not to touch or mount Buddha figures

Considered disrespectful and not appreciated.

5. photograph with respect

No prayerful photography. No pushing in front of people to take a photo and no grimaces or the like.

The Thais are very sociable but we don’t want to attract attention during the tour.

In contrast to catholic churches the visit is nevertheless very easy and relaxed. Predominantly the 5 points mentioned above are to be considered, whereby point 3 is rather in the own interest.

Do you have further questions about the tour?

Feel free to contact us:

Alternatively you can book this tour online at Phuket Kamala Beach.


    Big Buddha Tour Phuket
    THB2500/ Person

    Big Buddha Tour Phuket

    A tour that lets you experience Phuket.

    Phuket offers an unbelievable variety. Many people think of mass tourism and beaches when talking about Phuket Island. But the island paradise offers much more.

    Explore Phuket with Kokosnuss Tours.

    A tour of Phuket with a maximum of 10 people, far away from “the crowd”.

    Start early in the morning at 5.30h at our German restaurant in Kamala.

    The first stop is the Big Buddha, which is waiting for you at sunrise. Only the monkeys and our tour guide will accompany you up to the Big Buddha, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view and experience one of Phuket’s landmarks.

    Buddhism in Thailand is one of the most important pillars of everyday Thai life. On the way up to the Big Buddha, with a bit of luck you can also watch the monks looking for donations from the citizens. Buddhist monks live solely from donated goods and food.


    Start Time: ca. 05.30h

    Sunrise: enjoy at the Big Buddha

    max participants: 10

    Catering: Breakfast and dinner,,

    Price: 2.500THB

    furthermore: one of the most beautiful sunrises in Phuket awaits you. The monkeys at the Big Buddha provide a certain fun factor. At noon we are back in Kamala to relax and then meet in the evening for a buffet.

    book online at: