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Kapong Tubing & Elephanttrekking

Kapong Tubing & Elephanttrekking FROM PHUKET
THB3.000/ Person

Kapong Tubing & Elephant trekking starting in Phuket.

Curious for a bit of action jungle and bathing with Thai elephants?

Then our Kapong Tour is just the right thing for you!

Kapong is on the mainland of Thailand. With a mini-van you will arrive at the  deutschen Restaurant

Coconut picked up in Kamala. Already on the way you will get some information about the

Elephants preserved. This includes info’s like:

– How old does an elephant get?

– Differences between Asian elephants and African elephants

– Does an elephant have teeth?

After you’ve acquired some knowledge, you’re already here.

Then it starts with a cooling down in a river, where you can jump into the water or just

can swim.

In Kapong you will not raft tube. The difference between tubing and rafting is actually quite simple. In tubing you are alone on the tyre, in rafting there are several of you.

Go to the elephants

Afterwards you will be instructed for tubing and it goes on the rubber tire then over the

River. You can enjoy the beautiful nature of Thailand and also have a little action in the program.

Afterwards we will finally go to the elephants. The elephants in this sanctuary used to live

in worse conditions and have a better life there than before.

Included in the tour:

– Transfer from Coconut Restaurant in Kamala

– tour guide

– Tubing in Kapong

– Elephant trekking

– Bathing with elephants

– Lunch & soft drinks,

– Dinner in the coconut (buffet excl. drinks)

If you have any questions, please send us a message using the form below or book this tour online at

A unique experience – tubing action and bathing with elephants.

Kapong Tubing & Elephant Trekking online booking from Phuket

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